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Mosaics For Beginners: Tutorial 1 - Essential Tools

What tools do you need to get started with mosaics? this first instalment of the series looks at what tools you need to get before you can really start with mosaics.

Amazon is by far the best place i know of for getting mosaic supplies at a good price:
Wheeled nippers:
Standard nippers:
White grout powder:

Coaster blanks:

For tiles try ebay or amazon, and if you are lucky you might have a good local supplier or art store that get get mosaics for you.

Mosaic MSC - Tremble (Official Lyrics)

Mosaic MSC Tremble
Mosaic MSC - Tremble Lyric Video
Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think.. this is basically my first time making a video like this.
Like and share and feel free to use!
I don't own any parts of the song.

MOSAIC Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME - No Commentary [PC 1080p Ultra]

This is the full game of Mosaic. I didn't really do much with the apps and the game itself doesn't really need a guide per say. You just have to walk to certain sections and experience certain moments to proceed.

I got the idea of the story, but the game needs more than just walking around imo. Still i can kind of relate to the story atleast.

Enjoy :)

*Note - Thanks to GOG for providing the game through

Here is the link to the game page on GOG -

#Mosaic #Gameplay #Walkthrough


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