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2019 Online Exhibition: Fantastic Water full maskpack

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Fantastic Water full maskpack (100ml)

[Spray Type Mask Pack]
Gel formula does not run while you brush your teeth or take a shower.

[Optimized for bathroom environment]
It prevents evaporation of moisture and has a pore tightening effect in the shower, giving the same Effect as a mask pack in 3 minutes.

[Moisturizing Skin and Improving Skin Elasticity]
HA Complex offers various size hyaluronic acid complexes that provide a skin moisturizing and elasticity improving solution.

[Improving Skin Condition]
Pure Medi facilitates the production of collagen to help improve wrinkles and skin texture.

How to use / Spray onto face from a distance, take 10~20 minutes, massage into skin or rinse with warm water.

maskpack full

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