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Ecotritus HP210 - Triturando chirca

Israel Rocha : Tá Custando quanto uma dessas mais ou menos...

HP x2 210 (2-in-1) Tablet / Laptop Review: FOR STUDENTS

A day in the life review of a student using the HP X2 210.

This budget 2 in 1 detachable PC is the perfect device for any student who needs the same device for both media consumption and getting on with any coursework, all for the price of just under £300!

If you wish to purchase or need support for this device, please contact us at www.dovecomputers.com. We are HP Business Partners.

Let us know what videos you would like to see from us!

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Thanks for watching.
JarlSX : amazed a budget device like this does have good speakers and much more expensive and flagship devices like the elite x2 have such crappy ones
thanks for the video
Rachel Mbs4 : Best laptop ever. Thanks for the review
Dabell Kebbeh : Thank you for helping me make up my mind about the laptop lool ✨awesome video
Dr Coomer : It's a nice entry level 2 in 1 but anything beyond office work, a few tabs & streaming 1080p video you'll start struggling
Vaibhav Dhotre : Thank you so much dear.
You understand the real problems of student.
I have some doubts. They are as follows. Please make it solve.
1) Can I connect 2TB HDD with this?
2) Does this have USB 3.0?
3) How much size OS takes out of how much GB?
4) Does this have eye protection?
5) Have Gorilla glass?
6) Can I use stylus with this? Does this product come with stylus?
7) How is the build quality of this product?
8) Does this have 500GB storage to the keyboard dock?
9) How much time it takes to full charge?

Thanks in advance.

HP X2 Detachable Laptop - Review - An affordable student laptop!

The HP X2 Detachable Laptop is a great bang for your buck for those prioritizing portability. I was able to use it for note taking and storyboarding with the included Active Pen and I'd recommend it for anyone looking to do a lot of note taking or ideation.

It's not the most powerful laptop, but you're really paying for it's size and adaptability - you're able to go from a full fledged laptop to a tablet in a matter of seconds. A good size and adaptable laptop for students or content creators alike who want to capture their ideas digitally.

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and complete a purchase, I may receive a small commission.

BUY IT HERE - http://geni.us/abh4Zk

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Co1dB1oodedPro : Damn dude this is an amazing review, humorous yet informative! I don't know how this doesn't have more views. Keep up the good work man.
Naren Krithivas : that's awesome how you record with a go pro strapped to your head. ingenious method for great camera angles!
AmazeMeCosplay : Question: If you are drawing with the pressure sensitive pen, does the tablet also "notice" your hand if you lay it on the screen as you draw?
pestoes : This was a very informative tech video but was more entertaining than what we expected. To the point, addressed every aspect but doing it in a very humorous and simple way! Great Job young man;-)
Brandon Tomado : Man you are setting the bar for product reviews with this super quick editing and realness of tests.. grand job!




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