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L3 WESCAM's MX™-20 Product Video

Fully Digital. High Definition.
Ultra Long-Range Multi-Sensor, Multi-Spectral Imaging
and Targeting Systems

MX-20 Ideal for: High-Altitude; Long-Range MPA and Persistent Surveillance
MX-20 Airborne Installations: Fixed-Wing, Rotary-Wing, UAV, Aerostat


True HD Cameras
• Superior imaging resolution from EO and IR cameras
• 2 mega-pixel EO zoom and spotter cameras
• True HD Digital Imaging
- Fully digital -- easily converts to analog to ease legacy integrations
- No image degradation due to compression

Enhanced Local Area Processing (ELAP) Real-time image enhancement for EO Day,
EO Night \u0026 IR
• Increases stand-off range
• Improves feature detection \u0026 recognition
• High performance haze penetration

Solid-State IMU-Inside technology - 5 axis stabilization
• All sensors share highest level of stabilization
• No calibration required for LRU swapout
• Auto align to aircraft
• Nav grade IMU
- Enhanced target location accuracy

• Meets the needs of new \u0026 legacy platforms through multiple digital \u0026 analog output formats
• Concurrent digital \u0026 analog outputs Multiple Laser Payloads
• Long Range Target Illumination, Pointing and Range-Finding Short Wave IR Imaging
• Enhanced haze penetration \u0026 target contrast
• Laser spot imaging Laser Target Designator (MX-20D)
• Compact, efficient and reliable diode-pumped laser
• Provides exceptional range through a small divergence high quality beam
• IMU Inside technology \u0026 exceptional EO/IR sensor range achieves unparalleled
designating ranges
• Designator electronics package is incorporated into the turret payload

MX-GEO Gen.3 Software Suite
• Achieves highest target location accuracy
• AVGT marries Video and GEO-Tracking to provide robust target tracking
• Discrete motion scanning for wide-area terrain visualization

MX-Series Commonality
The extensive interfacing capability of the MX-20 Family supports a wide range of installations spanning simple, single operator configurations through to complex, multi-operational systems.

The software commonality and powerful built-in functionality within the MX-Series product family provides:
• Common operator interfaces and LRU's
- ease \u0026 familiarity of use
- simplified interchangeability
- efficiencies in support \u0026 technology enhancements

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