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XRCD: Extended Resolution Compact Disc

In this video we discover what is an XRCD or Extended Resolution Compact Disc, how and why it sounds so good! One of the most 'analog' digital sources.

Download native files (ripped in AIFF from the CDs):

- Normal CD: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZyRLT7ZN0qSWkM2OFpzP4e415xVYVRp8KnV

- XRCD: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZRRLT7Z6NAAQgjwzzFFbtrPx8neMkmKf8LV

Where to get XRCDs:

(US): https://amzn.to/2DAK83d; http://www.elusivedisc.com/Home-Of-XRCD/products/859/
(UK): https://amzn.to/2RSE6OH
(IT): https://amzn.to/2zNYMjh

XRCD K2 Sampler - HQ Audiophile Music 2020

XRCD K2 Sampler - HQ Audiophile Music 2020
1. 00:08 Fool For Love
2. 05:03 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
3. 09:22 When I Feel The Sea Beneath My Soul
4. 13:31 I ve Got You Under My Skin
5. 18:10 Moonlight Serenade- from Best of Caiqin
6. 22:12 Finger Snappin' Good
7. 27:46 The Babboo On The Moonlight
8. 33:18 The Ambush-from Meet with Chris Babida
9. 38:53 No Name
10. 44:35 Baby From-Shirley Blanc
11. 48:23 Cheers My Friends From Soul Mates
12. 53:54 Night Chimes-from Moscow Forever
13. 59:56 Antonio Stradivari 1690 ‘Auer’- from The Miracle Makers

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Super Sound II - Audiophile audio test system (High-end music)

The famous label FIM- (First Impressions Music) has used 24bit XRCD technology – the technology to record excellent quality discs – to record a special set of discs, to satisfy all the world’s most fastidious audiophiles. With this set, you will be immersed in the most realistic sounds, which are great symphonies, musical instruments filled with jazz, or just an amazing but lively drum.

Fim Super Sound Vol.2 introduces artists like Randy Peterson, Amanda McBroom, Jeremy Monteiro and His Orchestra, Yamamoto Trio, Nai Chung Kuan and many other great artists …

01. The Magnificent Seven
02. Shenandoah
03. Mozart Divertimento in D, K. 136 – Excerpt
04. Mozart Sinfonia Concertante K 364
05. The Rose
06. With A Wave Of My Sleeve
07. Take Five
08. Limelight/Gone With The Wind
09. Autumn In Seattle
10. Taichi Concerto For Guqin \u0026 Piano – Excerpt
11. Intermezzo From Carmen




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