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Bernoulli's Principle Demo: Venturi Tube

This is a demonstration of Bernoulli's principle using a Venturi tube.

It was created at Utah State University by Professor Boyd F. Edwards, assisted by James Coburn (demonstration specialist), David Evans (videography), and Rebecca Whitney (closed captions), with support from Jan Sojka, Physics Department Head, and Robert Wagner, Executive Vice Provost and Dean of Academic and Instructional Services.
Mustapha H. : Thank you sir
ezfzx : I'm not sure the flow-rate description works as described because the air is compressible. Bernoulli's principle originally described situations where the flow was from incompressible liquids, which was essential to continuity. The demonstration is interesting, but involves more than Bernoulli.
Raymond West : Thank you for the easy to understand explanation an demonstration. And, I love the Utah State Tie!
Ariel Villanueva : precise. concise. to the point. thank you.
Observ45er : I'd like to see this same demo, start and end with the pump off, BUT with all three manometers referenced to atmospheric pressure. That left-hand level not changing much bothers me.

That looks like a three pronged manometer, not three individual ones. That shows an interrelated relationship that isn't at first obvious. The pressures in the two wide sections should be closer.
ALSO, that second narrow section on the far left is confusing things...
Buzzmas : This is a good demonstration, and i understand how the principle works, i just dont understand why. Why would the small part have a lower pressure when it is literally being squeezed tighter into a small place? Why do things at higher velocities have lower pressure? Isnt velocity relative? How would a fluid even “know” if it was moving fast or slow? Someone help, its 2:00 am. Idk maybe im just getting into some pretty complicated stuff that my poor brain could never comprehend, but im still gonna try
Yashar Altay : how does the increase the venturi effect?
Andris Taubers : How is then a suction created in venturi? Not in the low-pressure region, right? Because the pressure in the narrow part is not negative, but still positive.
Desiré Hannah : Makes it very clear as to what happens, Thank you, :)
Aditya Raj : Why is the liquid in third tube remains unaffected

Venturi Tube working principle

723lion : Its liquid or air in the venturi tube??
LifeUnder TheMicroscope : Typical straight line of flow fantasy. Why is this tube shaped like that of a vortex...? There is too much nonsense on YT when people look for answers and have them supplied by other know-nothings.
samrat taksande : pressure is inversely proportional to the velocity
AuMechanic : Sorry but your video is plain wrong. That is not how a compressible fluid (gas) reacts in venturi.
random delhite : why the fluid don't flow into the U tubes in which mercury is kept, due to gravity?

venturi effect

Here is a video about history of Venturi meter.
Bobby Shaftoe : how does this effect temperature at P1 / P2 / P3? Say, if it were normal air blowing through it?
Jerry Kautz : Robot voice instant stop and next.
김세레나 : Very hard ,,
Alexandre Lopez : Please please change the voice. The best would be a real person speaking. I don't know why all these engineering videos all have a google translate voice speaking, it's rubbish. Otherwise great video, best of what I could find
Alan Roberts : column height differential(no flow), shear strength or surface tension(varied speeds)
wfdix1 : Venturi made more money when he took up golf.
Celcor Systems : great work venturi
fahad malik : Thanks to Hersche for respecting intellectual rights!!
Navid Mohammadzadeh : Great. Appreciate your work!
Christian Henebury : I can't take this voice anymore :'(


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