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Stone Island X Persol_ PO2470S Pilot Frame

Exclusively for this collaboration, Persol, with Stone Island, reinterpret an archive model to give birth to a new, exclusive style that combines the spirit and the excellence of the two Italian brands. \rA single style and colorway. \r
Available starting 29 September at Stone Island and Persol stores and websites, and at selected stockists.\r\r

In esclusiva per questa collaborazione, Persol con Stone Island reinterpretano un modello d'archivio per dare vita ad un occhiale nuovo ed esclusivo, che unisce lo spirito e l'eccellenza dei due brand italiani. \rUn unico modello in un’unica variante colore.\r
Disponibile da martedì 29 settembre nei negozi e sui siti Stone Island e Persol e presso selezionati rivenditori.\r\r \r \r \r \r
Adolf H : Stone Island should first fix the quality of their clothing. Holes in the Fabric after 2 times wearing. Sending a complaint to Stone Island Customer Service I don't get a decent answer, just stupid questions in return. Stone Island is done for me, and believe me I have spent some 10K's/Euro over the last 30 years. Stone Island is now a brand for losers and wannabee's, basta!
SnuckFitches : Hot pieces but in germany we say 'cobbler stay with your leges' and thats what si should do. You are already outperfroming every other brand when it comes to new garments and dyes, the design is so intricate and well tougt out that I can't figure out why you'd wanna change your recognition value
io : i love SI, anzi amo SI!
Bill Sasterd : How am I supposed to have a fight at the match with these thing on?. Very dangerous
Drip Drip :
Promo Stuntz : I don't like the idea of si making more and more unnecessary accessories that dont fit with the brand.
Matthew Riva : i love the idea, but you picked the wrong partner IMO. Hapter makes way way more sense for SI.
Shaf Serious : Its going to be winter now. A bit late
FlorianGeyerUK : Not on the UK site yet.
Martin Besenyi : Sick shades

7319 Stone Island Shadow Project _ AW '020 '021

7319 Stone Island Shadow Project _ AW '020 '021\r\r \r \r \r \r\r
sander1998ava : The avatar has risen again
Ілля Савченко : It looks like Eastern Europe slav si sp collection
Vataliy Vitaliy : Stone island , stone island....
Alex Howarth : Is that red one known as the coronavirus jumper to save you wearing a mask?
Said Muraspahic : didnt get that dancing part...
Peter vd H. : What’s with all the shadow projects. When are regular pieces coming out?
Underdog : wicked music. thank god they seem to be ditching the shit rnb ethos and finally getting to the core of what stone island is.... autechre collab should be next in the pipeline. perhaps they will pull boards of canada out of hibernation and divorce liam gallagher and drake.
Vagrant Sneaker : Some really nice pieces again.
리튜버와엠 : 와....쉐프...
Shaf Serious : Is he cracked out???

Stone Island AW '020'021_ Poly-Colour Frame-TC

Stone Island AW '020'021_ Poly-Colour Frame-TC \r
\rGarments made with shiny nylon in the warp, coloured polyester in the weft. The different tension of the yarns creates a three-dimensional effect, an embossed-looking square. \r
The outwear is padded with down or PrimaLoft®-TC, an exclusive blend of insulating fibres, 70% recycled, engineered with Stone Island to withstand the high temperatures of the garment dyeing procedures without compromising loft or insulating properties.\r\r \r \r \r \r\r
K H : Song?
Вовка Ходорковский : Красавчики! !! Инновационно как всегда высший класс
SnuckFitches : mit Arbeitslosengeld kauf ich mein Stoney. DOPE
리튜버와엠 : 패딩 아노락 와펜좀 ㅠㅠ!!!!
anderssoodavar : Retail prices on this season is insanely high for what it is! Alot more jackets now for 1000 and over
Shaf Serious : Adverts are getting better and better
Kieran Schwar : Fire
김민욱 : 역시는 역시군.
JackeySneaky : lit
wuzupmyhomiz : Busystone, we need this stat




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