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The Animated History of Korea

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A land shrouded in ancient myth and centuries of history. Sometimes forgotten between its larger neighbours, Korea is far more than a chapter in someone else's book.

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Epidemic Sound

Caleb Hennessy
부엉이형 : 고려와 키타이 와의 전쟁 고려의 주르첸 정복전쟁 이후 주르첸이 중국을 정복한 이야기는 나오지 않네
부엉이형 : 고려와 키탄 (키타이) 의 전쟁 고려의 승리
고려는 키타이와의 전쟁에서 30만명의 병사를 동원해서 당대 세계최강 키타이를 몰살 시켰음
주변의 주르첸 부족과 동아시 모든 국가들이 고려를 상국으로 보았지
중국의 송나라도 고려에게 굽신굽신 했었지
고려의 주르첸 정복 전쟁은 무승부 그이후 주르첸이 중국을 정복
주르첸 부족은 고려와 키타이의 지배를 받고 있었음 그걸 깨부수려는 부족이 주르첸 완옌 부족
고려는 완옌부족과 주르첸의 지배권을 놓고 격돌 17만의 대군을 보내 주르첸을 정복하려함
William broche : Cuba next
Basenji Love : I actually think it would be brilliant to have Hangul as a universal alphabet. I mean it’s easy, has straightforward pronunciations, and is effective. Really the only alphabet I can think of like that. Though our alphabet is good, our rules and pronunciations are a complete joke.
Basenji Love : So in a nutshell,
Korea owes all its issues to foreign countries.

History of Korea

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BAKU - Korea’s long and troubled history is largely defined by its geographic position between larger powers. The struggle to find a balance between Japan and China repeatedly facilitated a tug of war that enabled internal division and invited foreign intervention in the Korean Peninsula.

Air Prelude by Kevin MacLeod (
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ハクビシン2 : Korea is toy of china and japan
Brenden667 : KamSaHamNiDa
Piero : Korea is mini china
Miss Wave Particle Paradox : Thank you
jeghetersoojeong : Now yall know why Yi Sun Shin is standing middle of Seoul in front of King Sejong the Great

Historia Corea Countryballs

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Jo loo : Like it! Good animator of FlipaClip, me too!
Blitzschlag : Make turkey
夆某人 : 朝鲜North Korea
☭❌ ✅
Mr M : 棒子能有那麼長歷史?前面不是
Xx unu : We porque hay tantos asiáticos Y ingleses sabiendo que este canal es de habla hispana? Que alguien me diga




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